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Antler Chews--The Choice of Dobie's

Rumor could not wait to show off her Antler Chew. She loves to chew it, and in typical Doberman style throw it around. These terrific chews do not splinter, have been easy on the Dobie digestive system, and last forever.

Antler Facts To Chew On:

  • Antler Chews are organic. Because they are natural they hold up longer than rawhides or bully sticks and are easy on the digestive system, rarely causing tummy trauma.

  • Antler Chews, unlike processed bones, do not chip or splinter when being chewed. The chewing action grinds the bones down slowly.

  • Antler Chews are clean. There is no odor or residue to stain your furniture or carpet, unlike smelly hoofs, gooey raw hides, and greasy pigs’ ears.

  • Antler Chews look cool and offer a variety of shapes and textures. Dogs seem to enjoy the nubby, smooth, slim and thick textures of the deer antlers.

  • Antler Chews have been shed and collected in the wild where the deer and the elk play. A few are from deer that have been hunted for sport or food. Don't worry tho, no deer or elk have been hunted, teased or bullied just for their antlers!

Antler Chews —The best dogone, paw licking chew! Order yours today!

Deer Antler Special (Small/Mediums through April 30th. Click here!!

Antlers size and textures will vary after all no two deer are created alike. If you let us know the breed and size of your pup, we can help you pick out an antler length and thickness that will delight both you and your pup.

Small Antler Chews: $6.00

Med Antler Chews: $10.00 about 6 inches

Large Antler Chews: $12.00 about 9 inches

Jumbo Antler Chews: $15.00 about 11 inches

Please contact us for wholesale rates.

Shipping and Handling Chart

Up to $20.00.............$6.00

We ship speedy quick which usually means your antlers will arrive 3-5 days after we receive payment.

We accept Paypal, and checks. E-mail us with your order and we will e-mail you a invoice,

Mail Checks:
Make payable to Marcie Jensen
4044 Rancho Gusto NW
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87120
Please enclose a note with your shipping address and the number of antlers ordered.

Direct questions to Marcie Jensen: 505-899-1014




Just wanted to let you know that we have been enjoying our antlers which have lasted two almost two months already. And I wanted to say we were *really* impressed with your customer service and how quickly you processed our order. I will be recommending you to all my pup pals!



Thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to hear about the time your dad shot the bullfrogs off the fountain cuz they were drowning the finches!

I haven't even heard the particulars, and I'm already laughing out loud. I hope to read about it soon. ♥


These are the best things since sliced bread. My three dogs a Maltese mix, English Bulldog and Malinois mix Love them.. I love the great customer service, speedy shipments and price. I am a customer for life.


Thank you to everyone for commenting. We are so glad your pups like the antlers. We like selling a product our own pups enjoy!